Friday, August 30, 2013

Wren - Gen 4 Ch 4

Spring had finally come to Dragon Valley, and after a few discrete inquiries around town, Wren located the center of illicit activities just outside of the city limits.

She was immediately hired on as a henchman by the leader of the small criminal gang, and told to work on her athletic and logic skills.

Curt met her at the door when she arrived home, all flirty as usual, but she wanted no part of it. He'd been trying to seduce her since their first day at University, to no avail.
The voice in her head also had to weigh in, causing Wren to roll her eyes.
"Aww. See? He likes you, Wren. Why don't you encourage him, just a little, maybe?"

"Ugh. No way. I want to play dominoes. Have to get that logic skill up, you know."

After the dominoes game, Curt tried with the flirting yet again. He was nothing if not persistent.

"Ho hum. Borriiinngggg."
Wren was not impressed.

"I'll tell you whats boring - you!" The voice in her head was not happy.
"All you ever want to do is work out! Work out, play dominoes, go to work. You're my insane evil genius. Don't you want to do anything the least bit exciting?"

"Okay, I'll won't work out today, just for you. I'll train Curt instead. Is that better?"
"Arghh! No. If anything, it's worse! I want you to go to the Renaissance Fair. Doesn't that sound like fun?"
"Not really."

"There, see? Isn't this fun?"
"I suppose, if you're into princes and dragons and such. Which I am not, as I'm sure you know."
"But you do want to improve you're athletic skill, right? Am I right? I am. And there is something here that is much more interesting than that old bench press you have."

"Okay. I admit it. This is much more fun than the bench press. Too bad it's starting to rain."
Wren never did make it back to the archery range, for it rain constantly from then on right up until Love Day.

"It's Love Day, it's Love Day! Aren't you excited? Don't you just want to kiss someone?"
The Voice was being particularly annoying today.
"Umm..Let me think. NO. Why would I wanna do that?"
"Because..Curt wants to kiss someone. Whatdya think about that?"

"Well, goody for Curt. He can just suck it. He's not getting a kiss from me!"
Wren made a extra special crazy face to emphasize her noncompliance.
"Oookay then. I guess I'll just send him out to the Festival to find someone else to kiss then..."

"Wait. Wait a second. You can't do that! He's mine! Oh, all right. Bring it on."

"One little kiss can't hurt, I guess. If that's what Curt wants."

And one little kiss was all he got, poor guy. Wren spent the rest of the day torturing him for his audacity.

"Your mother was a llama, Curt."
"What the hell, Wren? I don't even have a mother. I'm a doll, remember?"

She didn't let up even after he went to bed. She tried to wake him with her megaphone, but he never even stirred.
"Won't work, silly girl. He's a heavy sleeper."
"Shut up, voice."

"I'll just play video games at top volume then."
That didn't work either, though. Wren really wanted Curt to wake up. She had plans for the evening.

Wren didn't get her date that night. But a few nights later, the two of them found themselves at the local bar, on that date that Wren had been wishing for.

Curt was thrilled that Wren had asked him out, and after spending some time in the hot tub, tried to put the moves on her.

It didn't work out quite like he planned. Wren spent the evening practicing her newest repertoire of insults.

"Grrr. Why did you even ask me out if you're going to treat me like this, Wren?"

"Lalalalalala. I can't heeeaarrrr yyooouuuuuu!"
"Grrr. You're impossible! I'm going home."

Things were tense for the next few days in the Whisperwind household. Wren took to drinking coffee constantly instead of sleeping, while Curt completely ignored her, and cooked loads of food which only sat out on the counters to spoil.

After drinking her coffee, Wren would retire to the living room to rock and stew over her rocky relationship with Curt.

Curt was grumpily attempting to clean up the stacks of dirty dishes one rainy evening when it happened. The dishwasher broke. That was the final straw. Something had to give. Curt's solution to all his problems was simple. He would just detonate the dishwasher! No more broken dishwasher, no more dirty dishes - it was perfect!

He set the charge, but before he could run to the next room - KABOOM!

Wren sprang from her rocking chair and came charging into the kitchen, only to see flames everywhere she looked.

Undaunted, she pulled down the fire extinguisher from its place on the wall, and pointed it at the fire.

"Hey, is this thing even working? Hey, Voice, a little help here, alright? You know what happened the last time I started a fire."
Wren snickered a little in spite of herself at the reminder of her exploding birthday cake. But the voice was no help at all.
"You'll be fine, Deary. It's working just fine. Just keep on like you're doing."

Curt eagerly watched the disaster unfold, rubbing his hands together in glee.

"Yes! I did it! Fire's out! Wasn't that just the coolest thing ever? How did you do that anyway?"
Wren had never cared much about Curt's inventions, until now that is. She listened in awe as he explained how he had invented the detonator to blow stuff up, and how he had been working almost since they arrived in Dragon Valley on a time machine. He still hadn't quite figured it out, but he was getting close, very close.

Curt began mopping up the mess, and she sat down at the table to enjoy some of Curt's spaghetti, the first time in a long time she was excited about anything but work. She kept glancing over at Curt, and suddenly she saw him a a completely new way.
"I want to watch the stars with him," she mumbled to no one in particular. "Yup. I'm gonna get up and walk over there and ask him to watch the stars with me. What's wrong with me anyway?"
"Nothing, Nothing at all. I told you so! So get up and ask him already!"
"Shut up, voice."
"Did you say something, Wren?" Curt called from across the room.
"Nope. Actually yes. Uh..."

"So. Do you wanna watch the stars with me?"
Curt was shocked, but pleased. And happy to comply.

"You know, that was the most awesome explosion I have even seen in my entire life, except my birthday cake, of course. You even blew up the refrigerator."
Curt grinned.
"Yeah. It was pretty cool. That was just a test. It'll be bigger next time."

"Ooo. You don't know what it does to me when you talk like that. You know what I wanna do? Right now?"
"Woohoo! Yes! Finally! Alright!"
"Shut up, Voice."

"Err.. Wren." Mmmph. "Uh..shouldn't I" Mphhmm. "Take a shower first?"

"Ooo! That's a great idea. I'll just help you wash the soot off your back..."

"And any other places that need it.."
"You missed a spot."
"Shut up, Voice! And buzz off, I'm a little busy here."

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